žena upravuje účes politikovi, který se chystá na rozhovor

Praying for Armageddon

Norway / 96 min / 2023

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Many of those waiting for the Second Coming of Christ believe that humanity must first face a series of catastrophes leading to the end of the world. A significant number of them live in the USA, and their influence reaches the highest political levels.

About the Film

Fundamentalist evangelical interpretations of the Bible say that Christ will arrive on a white horse, weapon in hand, leading an army that will conquer the enemy led by Satan. Although this conviction might seem like a marginal phenomenon, it exercises an influence on specific measures taken by the US in its support of Israel and the systemic displacement of the original Palestinian population. According to influential evangelical preachers, justification for an aggressive policy may be found in the Bible – and a number of politicians, including Donald Trump’s administration, are happy to use these arguments to consolidate their voter base among evangelicals, who make up almost 25% of the USA’s voters.

Directed By: 

Tonje Hessen Schei, Michael Rowley

Country of Origin: 



2023, 96 min


96 min


Czech, English


English friendly


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