animovaný obrázek protestujících žen s transparenty

Sultana's Dream

Germany, Spain / 86 min / 2023

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This animated film, inspired by a utopian narrative about a world run by women, is a journey to an alternative reality, serving as a basis for contemplating gender dynamics and sisterhood.

About the Film

Inés, a 30-year-old animator, has just broken up with her partner. By chance, in a bookshop she discovers Sultana’s Dream, a satirical novella published in Bengal in 1905. In it, feminist author Rokeya Hossain describes an imaginary country ruled by women. Influenced by the book, Inés begins to make her own film. Shooting is intermingled with a narrative about Hossain’s life. The last level of this magical-realist film is built on animated illustrations from the book. The film is not only a blend of the past and the present, fiction with reality, but also uses a mixture of various animation techniques. They are inspired by watercolours, shadow play and traditional henna decoration techniques, together forming a unique visual experience.

Directed By: 

Isabel Herguera

Country of Origin: 

Germany, Spain


2023, 86 min


86 min


Czech, English


English friendly


Women Power, One World 2024

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