žena opírající se o zábradlí na terase, v pozadí domy

Under the Sky of Damascus

Denmark, Germany, Syria, United States / 88 min / 2023

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To call public attention to patriarchal violence in Syrian society, a group of female artists decide to use real testimonies as the basis for a theatre performance.

About the Film

Several actresses and friends want to break taboos and use theatre to expose gender-based violence in Syria. Their initial sources consist of accounts given by anonymous women from various generations and social groups. All of them have been abused – by a husband, father, brother, uncle… An abandoned building serves the authors as both a creative centre and a safe haven. Even so, they encounter resistance and obstacles on many fronts, including disagreements within their own ranks. The film captures the birth of a unique piece and is also a portrait of the inherent misogyny that disrupts personal and professional relationships on a daily basis.

Directed By: 

Talal Derki, Heba Khaled, Ali Wajeeh

Country of Origin: 

Denmark, Germany, Syria, United States


2023, 88 min


88 min


Czech, English


English friendly


Women Power, One World 2024

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